Blogger Spotlight: Jemima Jamir with Sentranced Jem Blog

Tell our readers and me a little bit about you and one random interesting fact!
My name is Merensola Jemima Jamir, but since that’s a mouthful, just call me Jemima or Jem. I recently turned 27 (yup..getting old people!) and I am a book blogger from Nagaland, a state in the North-eastern region of India. I may not look like an Indian but I am 100% Indian. One random fact, I MAY have a slight obsessive compulsion to keep things a certain way and I am a neat freak.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not blogging?
Jemima: Would it sound boring if I say I read, a lot? hahaha. I love to bake and spend time with my adorable niece and nephew.

Tell me how you got into the reading community and when did you first start your blog?
Jemima: I have always loved to read, the ‘obsession’ started after I read Harry Potter when I was 10 years old and it just got worse from that. The surprising thing is that I am generally a very private person and books were always an escape for me but then suddenly two months ago, I decided to start a blog and here I am.

What do you love the most about being a book blogger?
Jemima: Couple of things actually, truthfully? I really appreciate it when I do get the chance to receive an ARC. As an avid reader. It’s humbling that the authors, PR and publishing houses give the chance to bloggers and appreciate our reviews. Besides that, I have been very lucky to have ‘met’ some amazing book bloggers who have been nothing but kind to me. Also, the book community, in general, are so friendly and it’s amazing to interact with people who love reading just as much as you do. And I think it will never get old (my excitement) when an author responds back to you. Sadly there aren’t many book tours here in India from international authors, so, I think I can say this on behalf of so many book lovers here in India that -yes, we do get jealous when you put up pictures online when you meet authors that we love and admire.

What are your Top 3 favorite books and why?
Jemima: That’s a tough one. Really tough. Only 3?! (Actually starting to panic). OK.

  • The Harry Potter Series By J.K. Rowling This series will NEVER EVER get old. Even after all these years, I still get butterflies whenever I read them.
  • The thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens. This series is sort of controversial but I love Keira and Kellan. I have lost count of the number of times I have read this book. Love it!
  • Any book by Kristen Ashley. Hands Down One of my favourite authors of all time!
  • Bonus: The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. I love this book! I always wondered what everyone was going on and on about this one but once I was done- My world has never been the same. This one is beautiful.

Who is your favorite female lead character and what about her do you connect with most?
Jemima: Hermoine Granger. She is true to herself and isn’t ashamed of it. And that is such an attractive quality in a person in general. I also feel like she made it ‘cool’ to be nerdy, to be obsessed with reading. I love the fact that she is so smart yet isn’t snobby about it. She knows so much but doesn’t look down upon anyone.

Who is your favorite book boyfriend?
Jemima: AAHHH! You can’t ask us to pick a favourite book boyfriend! The beauty of having a book boyfriend is we can have as many as we want! hahaha! Since I am currently re-reading Carter Reed BY Tijan, I’ll say Carter Reed. That man is to die for *sigh* But I must warn you, that changes every week.

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