Author Spotlight: CL Stacey

Let’s start things off with you. Tell our readers and me a little bit about you and one random interesting fact!

My name is CL Stacey and I write contemporary romance with a whole lotta angst. I was born and raised in Florida, and after 30 years, I still haven’t developed the urge to leave. I love it here and can’t imagine myself living anywhere else!

I’m a DIE-HARD GoT fan. I’m also a football fan, but I’d rather hang from my fingernails than support the Tampa Bay Bucs. GO PATRIOTS (my husband hates me for this)! I collect sunglasses, of all things. I hoard paperbacks but never read them (I read the e-copy on my Kindle). I’m not all that interesting, but I am super random.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

I enjoy the crap out of spending time with my kid. She comes first, and that’s why it takes me so long to put books out. She’s a ball of fire, my little one. Ayli, Aryn’s daughter, from Plan B is actually based off my little girl.

When did you start writing?

Randomly. I had just gotten back into reading after having my kid, and I ended up falling hard for SC Stephens and Colleen Hoover’s writing style. I did my research and found that Stephens started writing on FictionPress, so that’s what I did and I discovered that I loved it. It wasn’t until I looked into Colleen Hoover’s background that I decided to self-publish! Great role models. I absolutely love them.

Tell me about what it was like for you writing and publishing your first book.

I was scared as hell! There’s a little piece of me in each book and character, so it feels a lot like publishing my diary. It makes this whole process extremely personal. Even now, I feel really SICK when getting to release a book. Seriously… it’s absolutely terrifying.

Can you tell me a little bit about your recently published novel?

This story centers around two people living with loss. One is a fighter, and the other a runner. While Aryn has found a way to carry on, Bethany still carries her pain around with her every day. A chance meeting brings these two together, but one secret threatens to drive them apart.

It’s emotional, it’s angsty, it’s fun! This story is about pushing past your fears and fighting for what you want. It’s about being brave enough for the person you love.

What’s your favorite part about being an author?

Creating a world I can escape to for a couple months!

Where do you get your best ideas?

In songs. If heard at the right place and time, that song can open up a whole book of ideas for me. Gaga is what inspired Plan B. “A Million Reasons” is what started it, and “The Cure” is what ended it.

What are you currently working on?

Do you have any new projects coming up? I’m still in the outlining process right now, trying to figure out which story speaks to me most. Nothing concrete yet, unfortunately.


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